What is a “Corner Kick” in Soccer? – Simple Definition

Many young players may not be aware of what a corner kick is in soccer and it may confuse them at time during an actually game. So, I decided to write a quick article on this topic for new soccer players and those that would like to know more about this beautiful sport.

Depending on the age group and skill level of the team, a corner kick can be for coaches and players a key component of the game plan. For example, I really get into plays and strategies for corner kick. My teams have different secret names and signals that we try to incorporate during actual games.

My simple definition is: A corner kick is awarded to a soccer team when the ball crosses the end line of opponent’s side and the last person touching the ball was an opponent. Look at the following diagrams for some details.

Diagram – Visuals Always Help!

Important Concepts about Corner Kicks

  • * There is no offside
  • * The person taking the corner kick can score directly from a corner kick. In Spanish this is called “Gol Olimpico”
  • * The person taking the corner kick should be aware of the flag (don’t let it be on your way!)
  • * The person taking the corner kick should ask for distance if an opponent is too close
  • * The person taking the corner kick cannot touch the ball after the ball is kicked/passed until another player touches it first.
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Restarting the Game – How To

Usually a player crosses the ball to restart the game off a corner kick. Sometimes the player can simply pass it to a teammate that is close to him; this is known as “play short”. However, the ball is most likely crossed to create a better chance to score because most team would have at least 5 players “inside” the box ready to score, depending on the game’s situation.

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Strategic Corner Kicks – Let’s Get Them!

Coaches spend hours in practice working on set plays that can be used in a game. They have different names, players have different starting formation/positioning, and the runs are also carefully practiced. The person taking the corner kick is also part of the set play; with hand signals, the teammates know what is going on without letting the opponent know about what’s coming.

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Watch and Learn from the Pros

I would suggest to watch professional soccer games and study how teams execute their corner kicks. You will realize that there is a lot happening behind the scene. Share your observations and experiences below.

As I always recommend, learn from those that have made a different so become who they are right now. Professional players should be our role models on the field and we should try to imitate all the great skills that they possess. Watching games and copying their movements/runs during corner kicks can help us increase our chances of scoring off a corner kick. Make sure you share with your teammates what you have learned from the Pros.

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5 thoughts on “What is a “Corner Kick” in Soccer? – Simple Definition

  1. Honestly soccer is a very difficult sport. I have a few friends who play, I watch them all the time and I dont see how they do it. 

    The technique you need to have is crazy, but of course you need to practice like crazy.

    But this is interesting to learn about, I didnt know about a corner kick before reading this, I’ll be sure to look out for it in the future.

  2. Good info on the rules of soccer. My kids played when they were in grade school. I enjoyed watching them and learning the rules of the game. Your post helps to understand what a corner kick is and the rules to follow when completing one.

    Soccer or football as its known in Europe is a very fast sport. Quite amazed at how talented the pros get. Your site is a great resource to learn more about this great sport.

  3. As a football lover, I love how you highlighted the different types of corners a team can take. My favourite corners are the ones where the corner taker scores directly! getting the speed, the curl and the accuracy to beat just not the defenders but the goalie as well is just out of this world! 

    taking corners have now developed to how a basketball team takes a throw in, with players lining up to block the defenders so the strikers or even a towering defender can score from a header or tap it

  4. ​I remember learning to play soccer back in elementary school and could never follow the plays to save my life. It was terrible. I think I played and watched too many sports. Between tennis, watching football with my grandpa, and playing any other sport that would get me out of the house in the summertime, I was destined to get lost. I love watching soccer games though! I just think I’m coordinated enough to do any damage to anyone on the field. Considering I come from a long family lineage of weak ankles, it was within my best interest leave soccer to the pros. My oldest two sons are excellent at playing the sport and have more skill than I ever will. I am definitely be recommending this site for some tips and pointers to tighten up their A game.

    • Thank you for the support. I honestly smiled and laughed while reading your comment, you are a funny person my friend! I hope your sons can find my website helpful 🙂 Good luck to them. (On a side note, soccer is super dangerous for ankles and this injury can end careers – glad you are safe lol)

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