Soccer Striker Position – Top Skills and Tips!

Having played “striker/forward” during most of my younger years on the field, I’m very confident to share with you the top skills and tips about the Soccer Striker Position. Some top natural strikers are Luis Suarez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Gonzalo Higuain.

A “striker” is typically used during formations with one forward such as 5 – 4 – 1 or 4 – 2 – 3 – 1. However, many coaches, players, and fans use this term for attacking players on the final third.

Some areas that I will go over include: defending, attacking, finishing, communication, and movement. Ready? Take mental notes and apply this on your next game! (come back here and let me know how it went)

You are the FIRST defender!

  1. Be Always behind the line of the ball. You can’t just watch the game.
  2. Bring your teammates up to keep a high pressure on the opponent’s side.
  3. Don’t over commit when defending. You may run out of energy.

Attacking and Finishing – That’s your JOB!

  1. You are there to score, so get hungry in the box!
  2. Let your teammates know where you want the ball. Talk and use your hands.
  3. At times, be selfish but ALSO know what’s best for the team.
  4. No goalkeeper is good enough to stop all your shots – try to score as much as you can!



  1. Check in to your midfielders
  2. Stay more in the middle of the field so that the wingers can run down the line.
  3. Create open space for your teammates
  4. Change speed and direction when running into the space


Time for some secret stuff…

Latino players say that they learn a lot from “la calle” (the street). What I’m about to share is “secret stuff”. Things that will make you a better and smarter striker. By the way, I’m not promoting “the opposite of good sportsmanship”. However, I want you to know what other players know out there so that you can have a fair chance to compete.

  1. Always make sure you know where the defender is. Extend your arm to make sure he is right behind you.
  2. Don’t let defenders restart the game too quick. BE CAREFUL, don’t get a yellow card.
  3. A little push when checking in can help you. Nothing to obvious because it can be called a foul.
  4. Shield the ball when you are going against 2+ defenders. See if you can get a free kick.
  5. Stay with their last man and put pressure on him. Don’t let him kick the ball.
  6. Shoot to score with some power the first 2 times. Then, on the next one-on-one, fake it. You will see the goalkeeper going down and then you may have a better chance to score.
  7. ALWAYS expect the mistake! Ask yourself: Where is the ball going if he misses it? GO THERE!

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Last but not Least… Learn from the Pros

Try to watch soccer games and analyze the strikers. See what they do with and without the ball. Remember that there is only one soccer ball and 22 players on the field. That means that 21 players are “standing or moving” without the ball. If you can master what to do without the ball AND you work on your skills, you can be the best striker you can be!

Now, why did I give you this information? Well, once, a kid that started to play for me (striker) told me: ” coach, he is pulling my shirt when I’m running”. He wasn’t aware of how to address that on the spot. I showed him what to do and then he learned. Little things that will make a difference. Believe me, you will see the differences!

Leave your comments and suggestions. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Soccer Striker Position – Top Skills and Tips!

  1. I must say this is really good content I don’t even know much about soccer but after reading this content I’m sure I think I want to learn because it’s really good. I really like the way you breaking it down and giving your point of view of how you improve your game from personal experience I think that your advice on how to improve your game is credible due to the fact that you play the game yourself. And I also personally like how you are breaking it down and even given a diagram on positioning and where you need to be on the field so my take on the content and overall website is very well done

  2. Very informative article! I played a few years of soccer growing up however later transitioned into hockey. I have some friends who are avid soccer players however. I think soccer is a great sport (not a fan of the diving, haha), and it’s websites like yours that will help players develop. I’ll be sure to share your website and this article with my friends, great content!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips for playing the role of a striker

    Funnily enough I play striker for me local team here in the UK, it didn’t start that way as I started playing centre back but because of my pace the manager thought I would be better accustomed to playing up front. 

    Over the past year I have learnt alot about playing the position as its not as easy as people think, and finishing off goals takes skill, so it’s important to practice

    I’ll read through this again as its useful to me and should help me improve my game as that’s what I’m after!

    You never know since I am still 19 there is a chance at getting scouted so I have to keep on working

    Thanks again,


    • You can for sure make it the top level my friend! You are still young. I would recommend to expose your skills playing for team in your town that can get into state cups and tournaments. Get involved and you may see results! Best of luck to you Josh!

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hey Vic, I enjoyed your article on Soccer-striker-position-top-skills-and-tips.  I wish I had this information when I was playing soccer.  I will definitely tell my younger soccer friends about your site.  Your instructions are easy to follow.  I have booked mark your site and will visit it regularly.  Can’t wait to see your commentary on the world cup in 4 years.

    • I will definitely be writing about the World Cup and upcoming soccer events such as the “2019 Copa America”, played by the countries in South America. Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay are always the top teams in this cup!

  5. My dad always watched soccer and I would never understand some of the reasons why the defenders moved a certain way and why some tricks were used. By reading your post, I can now understand the game a little more. But what I can see is that it required a very high level of stamina to play this sport.

  6. Hi, I really like this article. You really provide some simple yet useful tips on the striker position. Soccer skills like anything in life must be practiced and perfected, nothing should be overlooked in developing all your skills to your maximum potential. As you mentioned the little things are the big things. Take nothing for granted

  7. Hi there,

    Thanks for this great article on Soccer Striker Position. This article has a lot of useful tips as well as secret stuff that an aspiring soccer player can learn from and develop it to their advantage. I do agree with you that by watching how the professional players play soccer, an aspiring player can learn and analyze their moves and practice it.

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