Soccer Players Positions – What’s the BEST for YOU?

In this section of SoccerWorld123, you will find information about all the positions that you can play in soccer.

It is important that every soccer player understand what the position is about and what is your responsibility. No matter how much you would like to be a “striker”, you first need to be aware of what implies to be “striker”.

On this page I will list all the possible positions and will briefly go over the positions on the field and then more details will be on the linked pages. Keep in mind that many of soccer players positions depend on the formation. For soccer formations, you can check out my post here. Also, the brief description are NOT a full description. (I know that defenders can also attack and project down the line. I will definitely get into more details. I promise!)

Ready? Find out what is BEST for YOU!

After you find out what position you like the most, you MUST know what your duties are in that part of the field.

Learn more about the characteristics and skills you need for certain positions. Even though it is not a RULE, you definitely want to make sure you have what is required on your preferred position. That way, you have a fair chance to make it as far as possible. Think about Messi or Ronaldo trying out as defenders, they wouldn’t be where they are. What do you think?


In the Goal

Well, this is very simple! There is only one person in goal.


The first line in front of the goalkeeper. In charge of defending and protecting the goal!


The second line in front of the goal keeper. In charge of building plays and be the connection between the defensive line and attacking line.


The front line of the team. In charge of scoring some goals! This is also known as the first defensive line.

  • Left/Right Forward
  • Centre Forward
  • Striker
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Are you still not sure? ONE last recommendation…

What your favorite team and choose one player. STARE at that player during an entire game and watch what he does. If you can see yourself doing that, then you found your favorite position. Then, the next step is to work hard to reach your highest potential! Remember, discipline defeats talent. You may not have the skills (yet!) but you can always learn and improve.

Share below your favorite team and favorite player. Feel free to include why you like that player and/or his style.




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