Is Wealthy Affiliate Real or a Scam? – Revealing the Truth about WA!

If you got here is because you are looking for a REAL way to make money online and you probably heard about “Wealthy Affiliate” and these two guys “Kyle and Carson” that have created the “Wealthy Affiliate University”, and that the community is “the best” out there. Well my friend, let me tell you that you are in the right place.

I will give you an honest overview of what Wealthy Affiliate is about and most importantly I will answer the question that got you to this point: Is Wealthy Affiliate Real or a Scam?

Before I get into details, allow me to briefly give you my background and a little information about me: I’m a father of two, married, bilingual math teacher in New York, soccer coach, and premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% REAL

That’s right. I’m answering your question right away: WA is 100% real. The training that you will find at WA is as promised. The technical and community support is as promised. There is nothing hidden my friends. WA is the real deal.

You will have access to lessons that will show you how to build your website, how to write content, how to use affiliate marketing strategies which will lead to making money, and how to do it RIGHT! At Wealthy Affiliate, experts will share their experience in the online business and you can take advantage of this for LESS than $1 a day (When you buy the yearly membership!).

Wealthy Affiliate never tells you that you are going to make millions in a month. Kyle and Carson are honest since day one and they tell you that if you follow the training and stick to your plan, you will accomplish your goals in the Affiliate Marketing World. You will build an attractive website where your visitors will find your content, and eventually that traffic will convert into money.

Anyone that promises success in matter of weeks, is simply lying. This will take time, commitment, and effort. However, don’t get me wrong, Wealthy Affiliate provides everything that you need to succeed. If you want to get passive income and work from home at your own pace, you must give it a try to Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for Anyone?

I honestly had my concerns about getting into Wealthy Affiliate and the affiliate marketing world overall because I’m not a writer. I’m a math person! A math person that never enjoyed writing or reading. However, Wealthy Affiliate provides the support that you need to get you started with your writing skills so that you can create engaging posts/pages/websites.

So, is it for anyone? Technically, I would say this is the checklist to determine if WA is for you:

1. Can you write in English? You must be able to communicate (listen/write/read) in English.

2. Do you consider yourself an “expert” at anything? You must choose a niche for your website.

3. Do you have access to a computer and can you use it? Everything is done online on a computer, and perhaps a tablet and/or phone with limited access.


I’m assuming that you have the MOTIVATION to make a change in your life and in the life of your family. You are still questioning if you have what it takes? NO WORRIES! I will encourage you to keep on going. I doubted about my own success at Wealthy Affiliate but I found my way through and I’m still working hard to reach my goals!

Join me in this adventure and you will see that YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH that financial stability and independence that you deserve. This will take time but you are going to be working on something that will be permanent. Imagine getting paid MULTIPLE TIMES for what you have done ONCE! (In other words, Wash a car once – Get paid 20+ times for that car)

Pros and Cons

Since I’m a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you may think that I will be biased on what I’m about to tell you but that is not the case my friend. I have moral values that wouldn’t allow me to sell an idea that I don’t support.


  • Unconditional Support
  • Great Training and Detailed Lessons
  • Friendly Community
  • You can try it for FREE! (No credit card needed)
  • Affordable – LESS THAN $1 (When yearly membership is purchased)
  • Different Ways to Make Money


  • Overwhelming at times (A LOT of information)
  • Some lessons need an update (However, Top Members create new training from time to time)
  • WordPress (where you edit your content) may seem too simple
  • English ONLY – There is no training in other languages. (Coming soon probably!)
  • “ADDICTIVE” – Believe me, once you become a member, you will want to be active 24/7

Multiple Ways to Make Money!

When you become a premium member, you have different ways to make money through Wealthy Affiliate.

  • You can obviously create your website and add affiliate links that will lead into commissions.
  • You can comment on people’s websites and get paid per comment.
  • You can promote Wealthy Affiliate to others and get monthly and/or yearly commissions.
  • Add Wealthy Affiliate banners to your posts/pages and get paid for those that sign up to WA.

The opportunities are there. You can’t let this opportunity pass by. Make a difference in your life TODAY!

Experience it yourself, try it for FREE!

You literally have nothing to lose because you can give it a try FREE, no need to put your credit card information.

You might be wonder: What if I decide to stay and become a Premium Member, how much do I pay? Here are the details:

  • $19.00 for your first month (promotion!)
  • $49.00 a month (Monthly Membership – Access to EVERYTHING you need to succeed at WA)
  • $359 a year (Yearly Membership) – BEST DEAL! Less than $1 a day!

WHAT’S THE CATCH? THERE IS NONE. You can cancel your membership at any time. NO CONTRACT!


** Your Current Job will never give you what you can get at Wealthy Affiliate **

47 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Real or a Scam? – Revealing the Truth about WA!

  1. Great Post! Based on the title of your website I thought you were getting ready to kick this thing into the scam basket. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Wealthy Affiliate is a REAL opportunity. I cannot tell you how many scams I have come across on the internet ( it’s a lot).

    I know that there are actual honest business opportunities out here on the internet and I am glad that I now Know that Wealthy Affiliate is legit. The support from the community and the CEO Osborn’s actually dlground brakinf to me becaus e most companies will leave you to your own devices.

    Wealthy Affilate definitely sounds like a golden opportunity for anyone trying to start an honest successful online business. Thanks for the information!

  2. Thanks for your post. When I first researched WA, before joining, what differentiated them immediately was their matter-of-fact, sober tone. They didn’t promise the moon, or making “easy millions”. They pitched it as a solid opportunity to build a business through education and work. And that’s exactly how it’s been! The support has been phenomenal. And yes, there is sometimes an overwhelming amount of it, but I think this more reflects the fast-paced, ever-evolving nature of online marketing more than anything else. WA certainly keeps up with the changes, and all members are well-informed of such changes. 

    An inspired and inspiring model, I firmly believe that WA should be seriously considered by anyone looking to diversify their income and is interested in achieving financial freedom.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. It’s great that you are promoting wealthy affiliate, I love the program and can definitely second you on this great program. It’s so easy to learn, but like you said it can be overwhelming. 

    But can’t beat the $1 a day price. I like that the members can create training, it’s just another avenue of making money at the WA. 

    The most I am excited about this program is that there is so much support there, yet growing everyday. 

  4. Hello,

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I support your opinion that WA is 100% real!6 months ago, I started with zero knowledge about online marketing, and today, I am proud to say that I established my online business thanks to WA.On the WA training, I learned a lot about blogs content writing and marketing, and still, there is always much more to learn.

    Thank you for the review, wish you a lot of succsess.

  5. Hi there.  At first I was a bit confused.  I was on a soccer website looking at a business opportunity.  Not going to lie.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I would venture to say it is the best program out there,  You write a great review.  It would be great for you to get your soccer community involved.  You guys could have a flourishing team on and off the field.  Great article.  I wish you nothing but the best.

  6. I do not promote anything but I must say that this platform is very real and legitimate. I read your review and you really tell everything that person should know if they want to earn money with WA. Founders are very good persons and they changed my life. Imagine that you can earn cash simply by just giving comments to other websites, it is fantastic. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

  7. Definitely I totally agree with you about WA, it is 100% true and I love it, the truth is that I have learned a lot thanks to the advisors and for all the courses they have to be able to specialize.

    I have been with WA for eight months and I have not had any complaints, on the contrary, it is an affiliation that I highly recommend.

    It is good to see these types of recommendations and especially when you are recommending something that really works and is real.

    Greetings and success.

  8. Awesome review of WA! Its been a good 4 years since I’ve joined and I’ve never looked back, I can totally vouch that it’s the best online business platform on the web. The great training, useful keyword tool, super fast web host and amazing community is all you need to move your site further. Highly recommend for those interested in bringing their existing business to another level, or start a new one.

  9. Currently, that is very interesting topic, many people don’t know what is about Wealthy affiliate program. Therefor, this will be very good review about wealthy affiliate program. Acutely, I like to say, very nice explanation about wealthy affiliate program. Yes, really that cost per day is bellow that 1$. Your promotion method is very good. And I have another suggestion, other facilities such as that 50 websites for own domain and free domain. Anyway, I would like to say, you explanation is more attractive. thanks for such work. That will be better for others to join with WA program. 

  10. Hello! How are you? This was a very complete, but above all, honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am used to reading reviews that only focus on the positive, but like everything that exists, WA can also be improved, especially the language is a very important barrier.I am part of the Wealthy affiliate community and I recommend it, it is super complete, you will find all the tools you need in one place.And what I liked most was that from the beginning they tell you that you will not get rich overnight, which requires time and dedication, but that if possible, you can always read the success stories of the other members. and that keeps you motivated !.Pao

  11. Wealthy Affiliate is a program that has passed the test of time, They have been around for a long time and have many members. I have been a member for a short period of time and have learned so much but I have a lot yet to learn. I am glad I joined after searching the internet and getting scammed for a number of years. This site explains the program exceptionally well. You covered all of the bases. Good Job.

  12. You can tell a program is real when they don’t tell you that you can make a ton of money in the next 24 hours.

    They are honest and straight forward and if you follow the training and learn what to do then you are going to be successful.If you fail to work then you will not be successful.  No one else can do your work for you only teach you what it is that you should do.

  13. I would say Wealthy Affiliate is indeed my no 1 recommendation for anyone who wants to earn money online through blogging. One of the best content marketing program that truly earns. The community we hangout with in WA is extremely helpful. Anyone can definitely trust information provided in this platform. 

  14. This is a good review to give beginners some comfort that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. The thing is even though there is a lot of information (and I agree that it can be overwhelming) there is a lot of support from the company and also the community of members that give technical help but also mental and emotional encouragement. This is very important because if your are overwhelmed, sometimes you want to give up but there is always someone to encourage you to carry on. 

    • I agree with you my friend. I just had to say that because a lot of people new to computers and the internet find all the information as “a bit too much”. However, you are 100% right, the support from other members is priceless. We are ALL-IN to help every member succeed.

  15. About the topic. I know that people or traffic that visit your website will understand the real deal. Is Wealth Affiliate Real or a Scam? If someone that’s never heard of Wealth Affiliate have reasonable doubt, I feel after reading their mind will change. When I first reviewed a blog that Kyle posted I was somewhat doubtful, I joined but wasn’t sure. 

    Well, I for one would look two or three times at your page because I like making money and if I see an opportunity to began without a fee and then go premium with all the benefits that are offered, I’m going for it. Now, I can’t wait and hope my page is as attractive. However, I am glad to see Wealth Affiliate being promoted. I am right behind you.

    I know the website is about Soccer, but there is a nice spin on advertising Wealth Affiliate.

    Great Job!

  16. Hey

    I am a member in Wealthy Affiliate myself. If this is a scam I would have sign off and cancel my account right away already. Obviously it is not. Wealthy Affiliate is a tool for me to get started in affiliate marketing. Hosting, tools, server, all I need is in one system. So I can manage them all with only 1 ID and password. IF I do it on my own, i would have so many ID and password to manage. it is a helpful tool. But to gain money is hard work.

  17. Any reader of this article could start thinking the review was going to be a negative one, then their mind may change and they may begin to think its a ‘too good to be true’ company, however by the end of the article they would be 100% confident that Wealthy Affiliate company is nothing but 100% genuine and legitimate. I 100% endorse the article with its information on WA. 

  18. My mother is an elderly woman who lives alone since she was widowed years ago and her children live in our own homes. However, she has adapted to technology and uses electronic devices well, surfing the Internet and understanding the functioning of social networks. I thought that building her website and trying to make it lucrative could be an enriching experience for her, keeping her active and productive without having to leave her house. It seems to me that Wealthy Affiliate could be an excellent option for her. Thanks for this interesting review.

    • Wish you mother an enjoyable experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure that it will keep her active and the community will always encourage her to accomplish her goals. Thank you for stopping by.

  19. I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for a couple of years and I realize that it is not for people who want to get rich quick.

    I have learned a lot in the past couple of years and only now am I starting to see revenue coming in from my respective websites.

  20. Thank you for the informative post. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was doing some research on my own and I found some articles that said it was a scam and others saying that the program really does work. The section where you listed the pros and cons caught my attention. I agree that is incredibly affordable and it is addictive because once you do become a member you really do want to be active all the time. 

  21. Hi Victor,

    I liked the way you first gave us your background so we had some context as to why you were writing this article. you became human!

    I also like that you got straight to the point. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% real.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Initially I joined for the training. I wanted to see if the training was any good. I found out it was excellent. Some of the modules do need a little update here and thee as you say, but overall I found them to be easy to follow and well laid out.

    The community, I discovered, was like no other community I have ever been part of. I have become personal friends with a couple of them, but the help given is amazing.

    WE’s own support is incredible. It is hard to find support that answers quickly and is helpful. They are amazing.

    The earning capability is tremendous in Wealthy Affiliate.

    As a member I can also say Wealthy Affiliate is 100% real.

    If you are wondering if you should join or not, it is completely free to try it our. Use Victor’s link above to get started today.


    My Life Is My Passion

  22. As a wealthy affiliate member I completely agree with your review. At less than a $ a day… You can’t ask for better.

    About your review – you give a good overview of the WA platform. Going over pros and cons , talking about motivation and the community. If I were to find your review while trying to decide to go premium or not… Your review would send me over the finish line for that membership. I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and I love that everyone here wants to see YOU succeed so we all succeed together. 

    All together this is a good post and I completely agree and back your opinions and facts! 

  23. Thanks for the great review.  I found WA while researching a different “opportunity”, which turned out to have a lot of red flags.  I just happened to stumble upon WA.  I signed up for the free account and went premium on day 3.  That was about 8 months ago.

    I have to say the training is excellent, the hosting top-notch but the best part of WA is, by far the community!  It’s like a very active social network of like-minded online entrepreneurs.  Everyone is willing to help and if you hit a snag, have a question or just want to run an idea by someone, there’s always someone to help out.

    For anyone reading this review, do yourself a favor, get the free account, check it out for yourself.  If it’s not for you, that’s OK, all you’ve lost is the time you invested in checking it out.  If, however, you see the value in it great!  You can continue with the free account or take advantage of the Black Friday deal and go premium for less than a dollar a day.

  24. Such great info! At first I thought you were going to kick WA to the curb, and I was FINALLY going to read a negative review on them. But nope…you surprised me with a raving review 🙂  I totally get why people LOVE the Wealthy Affiliate culture…it is a no-nonsense, real-deal business. Your article is so captivating and covers so much of the greatness that WA is! With all of the different opportunities for your reader to change their lives with a simple click of the mouse…well done 😉

    WA has taught me so much in just 2 months…I am a true believer!! 

  25. Hey there! This review of Wealthy Affiliate has helped me a lot. I appreciate the fact that you have created this checklist with the points that we must bear in mind to determine if we can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. I have read a couple of other reviews and hadn’t seen this very useful checklist. I have access to computers, tablets and phones. And I have some areas where I have some knowledge (I really don’t consider myself an expert, but at least I may be able to guide a person just starting in some of these areas). But, English isn’t my first language. In fact, I hardly ever use English in my daily life. And have never lived in a country where they speak English. So, my writing skills in English are very poor. Is there a way I may determine if I have the minimum required to give this a shot?

  26. I am a member of wealthy Affiliate.I will say this It is not a scam when I became a member I was not promised a fortune over night . However they wanted to know what my goals were the whole community will help you with advice as well as support’I have not reached my goals yet but I have not given up yet nether. 

    Thanks for A great review

  27. Hi Victor!

    Thank you for a great post about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s true that we become addicted to WA on starting. I was working day and night and ultimately got back and neck pain. But Now I own two nice websites. I should be thankful to Wealthy Affiliate for my achievements. It is very legitimate and affordable too. I was repeatedly failing in online marketing and I go out and come in frequently before joining the WA. But after joining WA I never failed and I am always in. I am on a verge of starting one more website on this platform.Thanks

  28. I love Wealthy Affiliate. They provide you the step by step for beginners on how to work from home. They also let you try it for free and let you decide that you like it or not as well.

    Now I am a premium and people on the WA network are amazing. There is always someone answer your question if you ever need one.

    Great review

  29. Interesting post.   I was expecting something about soccer though!  I have experience with Wealthy Affiliate myself and I can assure you that it is not a scam.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program.  If you learn a long and work hard you will see results.  Thanks for writing this post.  It has a lot of information for people considering Wealthy Affiliate.

    • You can definitely read more articles under FREE SOCCER TIPS 🙂 

      I just wanted to add this article to my website because Wealthy Affiliate helped me build my website. I just had to add this article in a little corner 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  30. You are sure correct about Wealthy Affiliate. It is 101% legit and the best community for anyone looking to run an online business empire like me. This is the best community of like minded people to lean on, learn from and earn with. I keep getting all the inspiration and support I needed to do well in my business and it has been awesome all the way.

  31. That’s fun, I was just checking your latest soccer news and then I saw this new article.

    I’m wondering for quite some time how you people are able to make such nice websites. I would like to have my own for my small business.

    I never tried yet though due being not sure if I can handle this. Thanks for letting me try Wealthy Affiliate for free, that’s exactly what I was looking for 🙂

  32. I remember coming across Wealthy Affiliate for the very first time. I felt so ecstatic but very skeptical about it due to my previous experiences. I had to read several reviews about it for over year but no body seems to speak bad about it. All I saw was positive feedback and it was too get to be true. I’m in now and I’m reaping the benefits.

  33. I was considering joining another program that promised a system that was fully automated without a product sell and would bring lots of income. It all sounded too good to be true! While I was researching that other program, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Having joined now, I agree that it is a great training program that doesn’t promise a pie in the sky, but gives you the skills to build your own business. Which makes sense to me!

  34. Another review of Weathy Affiliate, a lot of people have heard about this community and some believed some don’t. But one good advice I have for anyone doubting is join the platform for free to discover what it offer.

    In this post if you are reading my comment I can tell you to use your instinct that most comment here are real people testifing to Weathy Affiliate again. I suggest you try the platform for free from there you will see how it goes.

  35. This is a great review of wealth affiliate community.  The internet nowadays can be a dangerous place.  I am always cautious about online programs offering to make you rich. I myself was a bit skeptic about Wealth Affiliate at first.  The first week was free so I used that time to scout around the platform. Then I signed up for the initial $19 offer and am I ever glad I did.  I have been a member since Sept/2018. I have gained mountainous amount of knowledge but still a way to go.  Money doesn’t come overnight. It takes commitment and dedication.  I have full faith that I will reach my goal.  WA is not a scam.

  36. Making good money online takes quite some long period of time, patience and hardwork but me join Wealthy Affiliate, I have made over $100 in less than 3 weeks now. This community is my online family. The tools provided, the Tutorials there and the quality support by WA beats my imagination. Hence I will say Wealthy Affiliate is real.

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