How to Be a Good Soccer Player – Fitness / Techniques / Tactics

Many young players look up to professional players such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, and sometimes wonder: What should I do to be the next soccer superstar? and the answer is not that simple. However, In this article, I will talk about the three crucial attributes of top players that have helped them reach their professional goals.

Whether we are looking for a few tips or a game plan to make our dreams come true, everyone that plays soccer has thought of this question at least once in their lifetime: How to become a good soccer player. And the dreams continue…

Understanding the three pillars can lead to better performances on the field. These pillars are: Fitness, Techniques, and Tactics. When a player is capable of mastering at each one of these pillars, now we can reach for the sky and wait for that opportunity to land on a good team that will eventually lead to exposure and hopefully better teams.

Pillar #1: Fitness

There is no doubt that soccer has shifted to a very physical sport where you must be able to run for 90 minutes. This is the most important pillar because with no strength, the legs and brain can’t respond as desired. Every soccer play should be a real athlete and take care of his/her fitness. It’s very simple, no fitness no soccer.

There are many ways to stay fit for a soccer game. Running, working out, and soccer drills are the most common ways of staying healthy and ready for a game. This first pillar will help you become a good player by providing the fuel and energy needed to win 50/50 balls, to make runs down the line, and to get to that long ball.

Pillar #2: Techniques / Skills

The skills are obviously necessary and soccer players constantly work on this to become good soccer players. Through drills and a lot of practice soccer players can accomplish these skills required to improve their performance.

Some players are born with certain set of skills but most of what they are capable of is because t

hey practice a lot. Always remember, “you may not be able to do it like them but can improve your skills”. There is no need to be the next Messi or Ronaldo to make it to the professional level. With the appropriate skills and technique, soccer players can become important pieces on any soccer team.

There is a saying: Discipline can defeat talent. And I truly believe this. However, if you have the talent AND the discipline, you are TWO steps ahead of the game.

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Pillar #3: Tactics / Understanding of the Game

This is the most complex pillar and this makes a difference between soccer player and GOOD soccer players. Given that a player have the skills and the fitness to play for a top team, now he/she needs to understand the game to prove the coaches that he/she is at a different level.

On my other post, I go over 11v11 formations and why it is important to know what 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 means. A player that is smart enough to understand what coaches ask for can be considered a good soccer player.

Soccer is a strategical sport and movement without the ball is more important than what a player can do with the ball. Players that want to become better players should focus on understanding the tactics of the game and what top professional players do when they do not have the ball. Watch their runs, movement, and placement on the field to improve your understanding of each position on the field.

When we master all 3 pillars

It’s pretty much GOLD!! Being fit to run a full game, having the skills to make perfect passing and to control the ball at all times, and understanding the game can lead to only BETTER opportunities to land on a top team. You also need to be lucky and meet the right coaches to help you reach your highest potential, there is no doubt about that.

Let’s not forget about the expected component if we really want to accomplish our goals: DISCIPLINE. No discipline no success. Have a game plan to master these three pillars because good players are not just born, they are also made!

So, how can I achieve my best?

Through sacrifice and hard work, you can improve your performance and become a good soccer player. Perhaps not everyone will make it to professional level, but there are many teams in different prestigious leagues that can serve a showcase for dedicated players

One last thing, soccer is a career that ends very early in life. At 35 years old, a player will pretty much be DONE with soccer. On the other end, if a soccer player wants to MAKE it to the professional level, as early as at 18 years of age that player can be considered “too old” and some dreams will be unfortunately crushed.

What’s my point? START TODAY! don’t wait another day without having a game plan if you want to give yourself a real opportunity to become a GOOD soccer player. Support the young one because they may have the potential to make it! They just need someone to push them and get them to the next level.

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9 thoughts on “How to Be a Good Soccer Player – Fitness / Techniques / Tactics

  1. Great article!

    I never played, but I watched my brother when he did as a kid. They had to learn to follow those three pillars too and practise them a ton. They only lost one game that first season he played. 

    I never learned anything from watching, but my brother did give me some pointers to kick the ball better and control where I wanted to send it.

    Very useful tips for kickball. I appreciated the memory you gave me of my childhood. This article gave me a great reminder.

    • Thank you for such a touching commenting. Just the fact that this article triggered how you enjoyed your childhood with you brother is a great feeling. I don’t have a brother but I also have great experiences with my sister when we were little.

      You may have never played the sport but you were involved. You supported your brother and that’s awesome my friend. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Ooh my daughter is going to love this article!  I know exactly what you are talking about with the three components!  She has all three.  She’s got the fitness, for sure, and the skills for the game.  She’s been playing her whole life, so she definitely has number 3 covered with the rules and what-not.

    Great article!  Thanks so much,


    • Best of luck to your daughter! Working on these components will definitely improve her overall performance. Depending on what position she plays, she can also take a look at my other articles about specific positions.

  3. Hey this was a really interesting article, it has been forever since i have played any soccer.  I think the last time i played was back in elementary school many years ago.  I do know you need to be in really good shape and have a lot of stamina just like any other sport.  It is really rough not being able to touch the ball with your hand though!  Really good article keep it up!

    • I appreciate the support. I also stopped playing soccer at a competitive level but I’m always trying to scrimmage here and there. I need to stay up to my game to at least show something to my players. I coach two teams and I just wouldn’t be satisfied if I couldn’t do anything. 

      Fitness is critical but you can start little by little. Soccer is a great and fun workout!! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Even though I never did understand the sports this sports seems to be a very competitive sports that has gained worldwide recognition. This sport is so popular and it seems people from just about every country and walk of life is engaged in this sport the information that you are sharing is informative and will helps so many people.

  5. i have never played but very good tips and tricks to learn how to play better soccer. Soccer like every other sports is a discipline that must be taken seriously. Every bit of knowledge is always good to perfect your game very interesting article for everyone who wish to perfect their game

  6. I grew up in the deep South back in the early seventies.  At our tiny school we had no idea what soccer was, and certainly didn’t know how big it was.  But now our kids are doing everything soccer, and your right… it is such a physical game.  I don’t know too much about it, but I am learning as much as I can so I can be there with them.

    Your article is very well written, and teaches some very important highlights of the sport. These techniques and tactics are exactly what my kids need to understand.  Thank you…   Clay 

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