Champion Sports 12″ Diameter Large Disc Cones

Full Name of the Product

Champion Sports 12″ Diameter Large Disc Cones

Website where you can find it – FIND IT BY TYPING “CHAMPION 12 DIA CONES” ON THE SEARCH BOX!

Epic Sports Soccer Equipment 

My Overall Score on This Product (1-10)

10 – This product is just perfect!

Product Description

It’s a 12″ diameter large disc cone. Great for soccer practice and drills, or for setting up a playing area. The high of this product is 4″ right in the center of the cone.

Pros & Cons

Pros: great colors, perfect size, durable, resistant, affordable, great quality

Cons: I HONESTLY can’t find a negative. This product is just amazing!


Each cone costs $1.49. Make sure you select the color when you purchase them on!

Product Specifications

Size: 12″ diameter and 4″ tall       Epic SKU: E45333          Colors: Yellow and Orange

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