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Welcome to Soccer World 123!

My name is Victor Farfan and I have played soccer since I was a little kid. My passion and love for soccer has made me create Soccer World 123, where you can have access to videos, articles, and information about how you can step up your game on the field or off the field as a REAL FAN!

As a middle school soccer coach, I need to be up to date with ABSOLUTELY everything about soccer. KIDS LOVE THAT!!

My Life on the Field and by the Sideline.

I was born in Peru and played for my uncle’s team during my early years. He was my coach and always pushed me to reach my highest potential. At the age of 15, I moved to the United States and played during my senior year in high school. After graduating HS, I play for two colleges in New York, while enjoying side tournaments with my friends.

Once my college years were over, I became a teacher and a soccer coach in a middle school in Long Island, NY. I have dedicated my life and years to soccer and now it is the time to shift my passion from “On the field” to “the Sideline”.

I want to reach out to all soccer lovers out there and share my passion for this amazing sport!

It’s all about TEAMWORK.

As a soccer coach, I would like to share what I have learned from all the coaches that helped me to become a better player every single day. It is my priority here at Soccer World 123 to help you reach your highest potential; or perhaps, just love the sport a lot more!

Since soccer is a team sport, You Are Not Alone! Whatever your goals are, Soccer World 123 is here for you!

Because Soccer is Life.

It is known that here in the United States, soccer is becoming more popular and kids are getting more involved with this amazing sport at younger ages. It is my hope that we can one day become a soccer nation like Brazil or Spain; nations that invest in the future of their national soccer teams and results sometimes are proof of the hard work and commitment.

Soccer has also become a very successful career where those that possess the required skills can make it to the top and enjoy the beauty of this sport. Exposure of any kind, through playing the game – coaching – or being a real fan, can lead to successful stories of our future soccer stars.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible; I will be ready to help!

All the best,

Victor Farfan (Soccer Coach since 2012)


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